last updated 3/31/2020

Please stay tuned as we find new ways to gather and interact online together. All in-person gatherings have been postponed until further notice. You can stay updated on our events and schedule changes by following us on social media and watching this space.

Epic in Business

Everyone in our community is impacted by COVID-19, whether through a job loss, downturn in business, or adapting behaviors in our new socially distanced world… but there is hope in Jesus!

On Thursday, April 2 at 8pm EDT, EPIC in Business is coming together in partnership with King’s Park International Church and Catch The Fire to share insights on how to successfully navigate your family and business into a place of resilience. This free webinar will be accessible via Zoom video conference.

Daily Prayer

Join John & Patricia Bootsma Monday-Saturdays from 12pm – 1pm for one-hour prayer meetings via zoom. (Until April 9th)

Miracle Clinic

Our Miracle Clinic is still on via phone! We will not be holding our Miracle Clinic at the Catch The Fire Building this week, instead, email us with any request for healing prayer and we will get you set you up with a phone appointment where one of our amazing team who will pray in faith for your healing!